spiritual representatives demand

Following an initial failure at the end of last year to try to find a successor to Corneille Nangaa, the religious authorities are proposing the candidates for president of the National Assembly to head the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni). The African Union for Human Rights (Asadho) believes religious communities are in a hurry.

The representatives of the cults believe that it is time to restart the machine with a view to the elections in 2023. They thus met this Saturday, March 20, with the President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso N’Kodia. At the end of the meeting. , Father Donatien Nsholé, Secretary General of the Conference of Catholic Bishops and Advocate for Confessions, urged all those who would be candidates to make themselves known.

“The leaders of religious denominations agree that we should not wait for the end of the reform to start looking for and appointing members, otherwise we will be late,” said Father Donatien Nsholé. The religious denominations are already obliged to initiate the procedure and encourage those who have the ambition of being a candidate for religious belief to go and submit their candidacy in one of the religious denominations of their choice. Each religious denomination makes a preselection of the collected candidacies to preserve three, which brings it to the plenary assembly. So the candidacies will be adopted and presented unanimously. I think the mistakes of the past also serve as a lesson. ”

Response to this call

For Jean-Claude Katende Asadho, president of the African Association for Human Rights (Asadho), religious beliefs want to go too fast. The most important thing right now is to set the rules for the next election.

“I’m surprised by the rush,” said Jean-Claude Katende Asadho. Everyone demands that the reforms take place first and that we can then elect the leaders of the Ceni in accordance with the new law to be introduced. We do not understand what is the point of rushing to appoint the president of Ceni according to the old law that created so many problems for us. We are simply saying that we are against what the leaders of religious denominations want to do, and we ask that they take into account the wishes of the political class, but also the Congolese people who are against this process in the format that they want to go back. “

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