Senegalese students step on the plate


The Association of Senegalese Students in France warns of the difficulties faced by its members in renewing their residence permit, as this administrative process has become much more complicated, especially during this period of Covid-19.

To simplify matters, the French Ministry of the Interior has set up a special platform for renewing residence permits for foreign students. An interesting initiative because it is no longer necessary to physically go to the prefecture several times. However, the deposit certificate issued to them is not recognized as proof of regular stay.

Prior to the dematerialisation of renewal requests, a receipt was issued to students who submitted their request to the police headquarters. While waiting for the residence permit, they were able to work, complete internships and sign a rental agreement with this receipt.

Since September 17, renewals or the first applications for residence permits for students have been made online, but the proof of deposit generated by the website is not recognized, as the other student in bioanalysis and control tells us. “I had a promise of employment but my employer told me that the certificate of deposit is not proof that I am in a normal situation in France.”

Grouped together, Senegalese students from France hope to be heard by the Senegalese and French authorities they have already contacted. “As the association for Senegalese students in France, we said to ourselves that we had to go up and ask for an extension: ask the state to extend the residence permit or the services in connection with the residence permit. ie work permits or help in connection with housing … “, explains Khadim Dieye, president ofAESF, vid Aram Mbengue of the France service.

Due to lack of residence permit or receipt of the application for renewal, students no longer receive housing allowance from the Family Supplementary Fund and without this document they can not do an internship to validate their diplomas.

A online production to get an extension of their most recent residence permits has already received more than 10,000 signatures in just three days.

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