#Rwandan genocide: investigation into Bisesero massacre will not be reopened


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The investigation into the massacre of several hundred Tutsis between 27 and 30 June 1994 in the Rwandan hills of Bisesero will not be reopened. It was learned this Friday, November 29. Explanations.
On November 22, the investigating judges of the Paris court dismissed the claims filed by the civil parties to relaunch this case, closed in July.

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Did France delay intervening in Bisesero between June 27 and June 30, 1994 during the Rwandan genocide? For four days, more than a thousand Tutsis were methodically murdered by Hutu militia.

Rwandan survivors and several NGOs, including Survie , blame the French army for intervening too late. What the latter has always challenged.

No indictment was required against the French military Operation Turquoise implicated, which should logically open the way to a non-place. the civil parties therefore demanded the organization of new confrontations, new hearings of French military and political leaders of the time and the filing of new documents.

” We can not follow these judges who – we have the impression – seek to spare the military, seek to spare the military chain of command, seek to spare political decisions …, indignant Eric Plouvier, lawyer of the association Survival, civil party in this case.

And we see again that our justice, as independent as it is, still has some weaknesses in tackling political decisions that are taken outside of any democratic control.

And we realize, even after twenty-four years, that we are still unable to digest possible criminal responsibility in terms of our judicial institution and it is quite unfortunate.

For all these reasons, we decided to appeal the decisions that were rendered by the three investigating judges before the Paris Court of Appeal.

And we will see what will decide the Paris Court of Appeal, but we risk, again, to have surprises on the consequences that will be given to our appeal .

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