#Rwanda: more than 18 dead in landslides


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Driven by heavy rains, landslides killed at least 18 people last weekend in Rwanda’s northern and western provinces.

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A balance sheet that could be heavier.Landslides caused by heavy rains killed at least 18 people in Rwanda’s Northern and Western province over the weekend, pushing the death toll since January to more than 200, a government official said.

The sky visibly angry with Rwanda last week. According to a statement from the ministry in charge of disaster management, 15 people died in the northern province due to landslides caused by heavy rains on Sunday evening.

And at the same time, three other people died in Rubavu, a district of Western Province under the same circumstances.

But this balance sheet could be revised upwards. Both searches are continuing. On Monday, residents dug in the mud with makeshift means (shovels, spades, etc.), looking for missing and potential survivors trapped under this giant mass of land.

Since January, Rwanda faces several cases of mudslides due to torrential rains. The number of deaths on Sunday is added to the 183 other people who have died since the beginning of the year because of these disasters.

“These last four months have been much worse than last year and other years. It’s terrifying, “laments Philippe Habinshuti, an official at the Ministry of Disaster Management.

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