#Robert Mugabe says his pension package of R6 million is not enough


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The former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, says he is still waiting for his $467‚000 pension, which he argues is far too little.

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Some have called him a ruthless dictator; others have praised him as a great liberator. The 94-year-old ruled the sub-Saharan country of Zimbabwe with an iron fist for a total of 37 years.

He was removed from power in 2017 following a military intervention led by his own former protégé‚ Emmerson Mnangagwa.

While the country is currently experiencing its first ‘free and fair democratic elections’, the first of its kind in many years – the former ruler is complaining that his pension is not only being withheld but that it amounts to the meagre sum of R6 million.

Robert Mugabe argues about his pension
Previously, it was reported that Mugabe would be receiving a $10 million pension. According to Times Live, the former leader addressed journalists at his infamous Blue Roof citadel in Harare.

Mugabe rubbished claims by Mnangagwa that he had been given the ‘best’ possible retirement package, which is rumoured to include an exorbitant salary, medical aid, an official home and an army of domestic workers.

Mugabe denied these claims, saying:

“So after I had resigned‚ I had to go to the pension office to say ‘what am I entitled to?’. And they said ‘okay‚ we will tell you what your entitlements are and the amount is a total of $467‚000. Yes‚ can you imagine‚ that was the total amount. Some people are talking about $10-million and you are entitled to two houses‚ one here‚ one elsewhere.”

According to Fin24, Robert Mugabe admitted that he was given two houses as part of his pension package, saying:

“We got two houses, one here, one elsewhere at a resort. Those in power refused to give me money for two houses.”

Mugabe’s palatial palace – The Blue Roof
Mugabe’s palatial residence on the outskirts of Harare is known as The Blue Roof, for its intricate Asian design and azure colour-scheme.

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