Nigerian Nollywood Week Film Festival does

The eighth edition of the Nollywood Week festival starts on Thursday 6 May and will take place completely online, a symbol of a cultural sector that is being undermined by the pandemic. The festival had to be canceled last year due to Covid-19. For this first virtual edition, four previews and about thirty films are shown, and many changes as well, a bit like Nigerian film that continues to adapt.

For this first virtual release, viewers will discover movies that are not entirely Nollywood-style. We are far from the love and religion stories that have made Nigerian film so rich. This year, themes are related to mental health or racial discrimination, George Floyd’s death passed there.

The festival is therefore transformed into a platform for the defense of black societies and to contribute to them, talents from Africa and the diaspora are also part of the game.

But the Nollywood Festival will retain its basic, calm organizers without revealing the films in competition. There will be short films and feature films in the public eye, some produced with very limited budgets and illustrating the endurance of Nigerian films. In fact, Nollywood produces 2,000 productions each year, making it one of the most important behind India, but ahead of the United States.

And the industry hopes to be able to restart after the forced shutdown linked to Covid-19. The resumption of cinemas in September last year, together with the success of the Nigerian film “Omo Ghetto”, despite the sanitary measures, is a good sign.

The thirty or so films that are in progress are trying to win the audience award, awarded to the film that is best ranked by the public. The winning filmmaker will be awarded a series of advanced cameras to make his next film. The Nollywood Week festival lasts until Sunday, May 6.

The link to the Nollywood Week online film festival


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