National Assembly convened for session

This Tuesday, 5 January, an extraordinary session of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will be opened. On the agenda is, in particular, the examination of the petition for the dismissal of the last member of the outgoing Office of the National Assembly, who had escaped due to illness, and the election of a new office. But for supporters of President Felix Tshisekedi, it is also an opportunity to confirm the majority change or even bring down the government led by a close friend of the former head of state, Sylvestre Ilunga.

Partisan of the Holy Union, Deputy Daniel Mbau has already announced that he plans to introduce a no-confidence motion against the government during this session … But the possibility must first be discussed within his parliamentary group, MLC for Opponent and former Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba.

On the side of the FCC by Joseph Kabila, in any case out of the question that a movement of this type is being investigated while the final office of the Assembly has not yet been chosen and installed. That is why, in its ranks, we are protesting against the publication on social networks of an agenda signed by the President of what is called the Office of the Elder, the provisional office, which is mentioned among the themes of this session, parliamentary scrutiny.

For the FCC, the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly and a recent decision of the Constitutional Court limit the powers of this temporary office. It is the interpretation of this judgment that seems to be the subject of debate today. It authorizes the Board of Governors to “convene an extraordinary session, not only to (…) organize the election of the new final committee, but also in view of the urgent need to exercise control” of the government, of public companies, as well as public institutions and services.

For some deputies, this therefore authorizes the seniority office to manage the procedures related to this check. For others, however, these powers are reserved for the final office still to be elected. The timetable for the selection of the final agency has still not been announced. As for the age office, we promise it in the coming days.


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