#More and more Moroccan migrants in the Street of Gilbratar


On Saturday, 24 June, 224 migrants were gathered at sea off the Straits of Gibraltar, between Morocco and Spain. They sail aboard five boats loaded with dozens of passengers. Some sub-Saharans are among the rescued migrants, but the majority are of Moroccan nationality and have left the coast between Tangier and Assilah. A new migration has been observed for several days already.

In recent days, new migrants have been making news in the Straits of Gibraltar: Moroccan nationals.

Several dozens were saved Saturday after taking the sea between Assilah and Tangier in direction of Spain in large motorized boats.

This movement has taken short of the associations that help migrants like Caminando Fronteras.

”  Even the sub-Saharans have expressed their astonishment at seeing so many Moroccans go to sea,  ” says his representative Helana Maleno to illustrate the general surprise.

Among these migrants are young men who say they fled repression in the Rif , this region of northern Morocco shaken by demonstrations of protest for several months. Four Moroccans who have managed to win Spain have already applied for asylum by denouncing the arrests in the vicinity of Al Hoceima in recent weeks.

According to Helena Maleno, the mild weather that prevailed this week was probably also one of the triggers of this new wave of immigration.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 3,000 people reached Spain by sea between 1 January and 30 April. At least 59 would have perished in their journey.

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