#Liberia: President Weah calls to pray two hours a day for the economy


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Liberian President George Weah called on his compatriots to spend two hours each day praying to restore the country’s economy.

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A request communicated by official way, in particular through a communiqué signed by the spiritual adviser of the president, Rev.

Emmanuel Nimely. The latter also asks the believers of the Liberian nation to hold a vigil of prayer every last Friday of the month in favor of the government and the people.

The economic situation in Liberia is not very good. More than a year after his arrival as President of the country, George Weah is facing an economic crisis that puts him in a bad position against his opponents and a segment of the population.

However, for listeners who participated in a famous radio show in Liberia, “The Costa Show”, the solution to straighten the economy lies elsewhere than in prayer. “We can go to churches, mosques and pray, we can take the next 100 years to pray, it will not work,” said one of them, Ousman Bility.

It was supported in its logic by the presenter of the show, Henry P Costa, who recalled that countries like the United States or China did not need prayers to develop. “They worked and invested wisely,” he said.

George Weah’s accession to power on January 22, 2018, succeeding Mrs. Sirleaf (2006-2018), the first woman elected head of state in Africa, has raised immense hope in Liberia. Ranked among the poorest countries in the world, the West African nation hopes to recover from several years of civil war (between 1989 and 2003, 250,000 deaths) and a devastating Ebola outbreak (2014-2016). But obtaining funding remains to this day one of the greatest challenges of the Head of State.

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