Kolélas is “ready to participate” in

Unlucky candidate for the contested presidential election in 2016, where he finished second in the first and only round behind Denis Sassou-Nguesso, Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas is already ready for the next election, which will be organized by March 21, 2021 according to to the constitutional deadlines.

But he is already challenging the reappointment of the members of the Electoral Commission, especially its President Henri Bouka, who is also President of the Supreme Court. On Sunday 3 January, he presented his ambitious project for effective decentralization of the Congo.

A little more than two months separate the Congolese from this presidential election. Although he is still awaiting the inauguration of his party, the Union of Humanist Democrats (UDH-Yuki), Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas already has his heart on this important deadline.

“I am a candidate for my party’s candidacy. I’m ready. I am preparing and mentally I am ready. It is up to the party to give me discharge, ”he declared.

He nevertheless regrets the composition of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CNEI). For him, it is not fair at all: “It is the same CNEI (which organized the controversial election in 2016, editor’s note) that was renewed. At the head of the CNEI, on a miss Henri Bouka, who is both a judge and a party, because he is also president of the Supreme Court. It is a refusal of transparency, while the President of the Republic said in his speech on the state of the nation (December 23, editor’s note) that we are going to a transparent and peaceful election. It will be transparent without the CNEI being composed fairly? Mr Kolélas complained.

Guy-Brice Pafait Kolélas, a member of the government between 2009 and 2015, confirms that “Congo’s disease is called the chaotic rule of the PCT (Congolese Labor Party), the party in power”. He then proposed an ambitious decentralization project. With him, the country will have to go from 12 departments to four decentralized provinces, each with a legal personality and administrative and economic autonomy.


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