#In Madagascar, Rajaonarimampianina will not support anyone


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After coming in third place in the first round of the presidential election with less than 9% of the vote, the reaction of the HVM candidate eliminated from the race to his succession was highly anticipated.

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Last night at 7:30 pm, in a pre-recorded eight-minute speech, he spoke on two private television channels.

He announced he would not support anyone in the second round, thus silencing the rumors that ran for two weeks on a possible rallying candidate Ravalomanana.

It is from her living room, in a gray suit without a tie, a camera-facing look, that Hery Rajaonarimampianina spoke for the first time since the official announcement of the results on Wednesday.

” There are many challenges that I have launched to save Madagascar. Some have been identified, others are in progress. For others, there were failures for a variety of reasons. Nobody is perfect, I made mistakes. And I apologize sincerely if I hurt you , “he said.

A balance that he considers positive, therefore, and a mea culpa. Then comes the moment that everyone was waiting.

That of voting instructions. And like yet another nose-up launched to his opponents, Hery Rajaonarimampianina will not give: ” My dear compatriots, I considered myself the father of the Malagasy people during my term.

And I will continue to do that. That’s why I decided not to support either of the two candidates for the second round. […] I urge all citizens to protect their choices. God bless you ! ”

Side Ravalomanana, ” we expected this reaction, ” says one. Serge Zafimahova, adviser to candidate number 25, says it is the voice of one man.

” But on the ground, he continues, his entire base is rallying Ravalomanana. 80% of mayors, senators or councilors HVM have already assured us of their support. ”

Three days before the beginning of the campaign of the second round, the negotiations for the postponement of votes are more than ever at the heart of the strategies of the two contenders for the post of the supreme magistracy.

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