hundreds of people march against violence against women

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Following the convening of a coalition of NGOs and associations, a white and silent march against violence against women was organized in Bamako, in which several hundred people participated. They demand that Parliament pass a special law against gender-based violence. And this while the so-called “Sidiki Diabaté” affair arouses great emotion in Mali. The former companion of the famous musician accuses him of threats, sequestration and assault and battery. The musician’s family condemns a plot. An investigation is underway.

With our special correspondent in Bamako,Florence morice

“Hit the tam tam by on the women”, “woman victim I believe you”, “no empathy for the executioners”. These are some of the slogans that could be read on Saturday in Bamako on the occasion of a march against violence against women.

White coat and banner in hand, Dr. Seydou Oumar Cissé insisted on being at the front line of the march. Shocked by the many testimonies of violence he hears every week in his office. “The last example that really happened to me was a woman who got married 13 and her husband was 42 years old. He kidnapped her, attacked her for sleeping with her. The woman is traumatized. I’m here to say “enough is enough”.

According to the organizers of the march, 70% of the victims are silent about the violence they are suffering. Anna Touré, 38, came to condemn the social constraints that suffocate these women’s words, even in their families. “We tell you, ‘It’s normal I was hit, it must be the same for you. We tell you’ your husband loves you, that’s how it is’. No, that’s not true! When we love, we do not hit . “

“The lack of political will,” complains Balla Mariko, spokesman for the collective against domestic violence. He is asking for the adoption of a specific bill that has been going on for years. “The law is stuck between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Women’s Protection. She has not yet landed in the assembly. I hope the Sidiki Diabaté affair will raise awareness among decision makers. ”

In the line of march. Me Nadia Biouélé, lawyer for ex-partner of singer Sidiki Diabaté. When opening an investigation in this case, justice has sent a strong signal. “Because there is a normality of violence in Mali that wants the woman to be carefully submissive. We tend not to follow up on cases of violence brought to justice. ”

What is even more confusing is that it is the family that demands that the victim be silent. With everything she has been through, she can commit suicide, be excluded from society. But we have for some time observed that justice is more and more attentive and committed.

Me Nadia Biouélé, lawyer for Mariam Sow

“There is hope”, will believe the lawyer without assuming the legal outcome of the current investigation.


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