#Gambia : president denies all bribery allegation


The Gambian leader Adama Barrow who is serving as an independent president following his resignation from United Democratic Party (UDP) denied Monday night allegation that he has bribed some National Assembly members ahead of his party’s congress in December.

National Assembly member Sanna Jawara on Saturday accused the president in a revealing Facebook post that he has been giving some parliamentarians an amount of 10, 000 dalasis (about 200 US dollars) on monthly basis.

He indicated that he does not know why the president is making such offers but he condemned it and described it as “an insult to our democracy”. Jawara said some parliamentarians in fact queue to collect offers.

However, the presidency responded in a press release denying the allegation put against Barrow although it took them 48 hours to react.

“It is with great dismay to learn of the series of serious unfounded allegations made by Sanna Jawara, a sitting National Assembly member, most notably, that the President has started paying some parliamentarians D10, 000 each month in envelopes,” State House stated in a two-page statement.

According to the statement, the claims were maliciously designed to bring disrepute to the person of the president and the office he occupies.

The UDP is expected to hold congress in December and it is generally believed that the president is trying to buy loyalty from some of his own party’s most influential fig


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