#Gabon: a new government made public “via” a video


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n Gabon, the new government was made public late in the night from Saturday to Sunday, January 13. The new Prime Minister, Julien Nkoghe Bekalé, has released his team “via” a video recorded from Morocco.

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The new government has 38 members including the Prime Minister against 41 ministers in the outgoing team. Have the balances been turned upside down or not?
The new government is almost identical to the previous one.

Ali Bongo’s men remain in strategic positions. Etienne Massard holds the defense, Lambert Noël Matha stays in the interior just like Pascal Houagni Ambourouet at Oil.

Jean Fidèle Otandault who obtained the IMF’s satisfaction for the good performance of public finances, remains in the budget.

Newcomer to Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is entrusted to a new one. This is Abdu Razzaq Guy Kambongo, current ambassador of Gabon in Morocco. The main entry to report is that of Franck Nguéma, boss of TV +, the most critical private television against power. He is appointed Minister Delegate to the Minister of Forests and Environment in charge of the Climate Plan.

Opponents have not been chased

Opponents who had accepted Ali Bongo’s outstretched hand during the formation of the previous government in May 2018 were not expelled from the government. Only Patrick Eyogho Edzang was sacked. It will be remembered that it was the latter who had abruptly broken the contract for water and electricity distribution in Gabon by the French company Veolia.

The bottom of the presentation

The composition of the new government has been planned and made public from Morocco. Moreover it is to allow Ali Bongo to act as a head of state during his convalescence that Rabat was preferred in London. A government source states that Ali Bongo was released from the military hospital for a private residence in order not to sign his decrees in a hospital.

Ali Bongo instructed his prime minister not to upset the balances. The main reason is economic. Libreville, entangled in an economic crisis, is under IMF surveillance.

Politically, Ali Bongo has muted the appetites of his party despite his overwhelming victory in the last legislative. It is for this reason that the opposition ministers who joined the government in May 2018 were renewed.

Finally, several sources close to the presidency say that Ali Bongo returns to the country in a few hours to receive the oath of his government before taking office as provided by Article 15 of the constitution. Discrete or triumphal return? Nobody answers the question.

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