fictitious doctors who benefit from a risk premium

For several weeks, the General Health Inspectorate (IGS) has discovered nearly 500 names of people illegally touching doctors’ risk premiums. The revelations come as the state struggles to meet union wage demands in the midst of the health crisis associated with Covid-19.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The suspected fraudsters were discovered by a physical check of the registered recipients. A total of 486 people were difficult to identify. They have received the doctor’s award for several years in addition to the basic salary.

Informed, the Ministry of Health instructed the General Inspectorate in the same sector to deepen the investigations. “We have already identified them. They are either family members of doctors or friends or family, Minister Eteni Longondo told RFI. The Congolese state loses three million dollars every month to pay for these fictitious people. It is a mafia network that we are trying to dismantle, we are continuing the investigation. Change is difficult, but we will impose it in this country. We are in the process of arranging how these cases are removed from the list and brought to court. ”

The synonym of the viewfinder

The Minister points to the National Association of Physicians (Synamed), whose members will promote these redirects. But Doctor Nsenga Lwamba, Vice-Secretary-General of Synamed, qualifies. On this list, he explains, “there are doctors known as Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum. Is it also fictional? He asks himself.

For him, “it’s simply because they had no control over the overall health oversight. However, I can point out that there are also some fictitious doctors, we can not generalize everything. The Union has no responsibility for this phenomenon, the doctors are adapted by the General Secretariat for Health, not by us. With regard to the fictional ones in particular, we must go further. We do not know if the 80,000 or 90,000 registered nurses really are. “

One case particularly affected the union. One of its members was arrested and charged with including his wife on the list of recipients. This has received the award for three years. The culprit confessed to the inspectors but assured that he was not the origin of this scam.

In the meantime trade unionists remain mobilized to require registration in the payroll of 6,000 doctors who have worked for many years without receiving the premium.