Félix Tshisekedi supports the appointed officers

President Tshisekedi is visiting Lubumbashi and supporting the military officers he has appointed governors of North Kivu and Ituri provinces. These military officers are mentioned in the UN investigation report as former rebels who are alleged to have committed violence.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Denise maheho

In a speech on Wednesday evening, May 12, at the post office in Lubumbashi in front of several hundred people, Félix Tshisekedi announced the reasons why he will keep his two husbands: these officers will work to restore peace in the eastern DRC.

“These people who shouted about the situation in the east went so far as to say that there are 12 million dead, others are talking about 20 million,” the Congolese president said. Now that we have made the decision to appoint soldiers as governors, wizards appear again to say that these officers are registered and that they have committed violence. But why were they not registered when they took office? It is only when they are appointed that votes are raised to question this decision! ”

“Sudda board”

The officers accused are General Constant Ndima and General Luboya Nkashama. The first is a former rebel from Jean Pierre Bemba’s MLC who was introduced as head of the “Erase the Table” operation carried out in Ituri between 2002-2003. And the other is a previous RCD Goma uprising. He is suspected by Human RightsWatch of several human rights violations.

President Tshisekedi remains on his line and does not take these accusations into account: “But I did not listen to them. The soldiers appointed as governors of northern Kivu and Ituri are Congolese and will work for the interests of the Congolese. We will not allow ourselves to be manipulated by these people who want the Congolese blood to continue to flow! I promised you to restore security across the country. Here in Lubumbashi, too, we will put an end to these acts of violence! ”

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