Ethiopia Names New Ambassador to Somalia


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Addis Ababa March 08/2017 President Mulatu Teshome appointed Jemaludin Mustafa Omar ambassador to Somalia.

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The Ethiopian embassy is one of foreign representations in Somalia. In addition to the embassy in Mogadishu, Ethiopia also has a consulate general in Garowe.

The Ethiopian embassy in Mogadishu is one of 83 Ethiopian diplomatic and consular representations abroad.

The ruling party EPRDF (Ethiopian peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front) Their troops are expanding into various strategic locations within Somalia. And they are handpicking their delivery men in each of these locations. This — as well as Kenya’s role in Jubbaland

Despite their dubious military intervention, Ethiopia has masterfully lulled Somali “leaders” into a false sense of security and tantalized them with mirage of power.

In addition to its under the radar military mobilization to expand its sphere of influence, Ethiopia has launched a successful campaign of co-option, indoctrination and silencing of key individuals and institutions.

Many media professionals were lured by the offer of intensive certification program in journalism, first class hospitality, and generous stipends. Likewise, some officials in the security sector, parliament, civil societies and the political elite.

Farmajo’s stated intent to reshape our country’s foreign policy could prove a daunting challenge, not least because his victory stemmed in part from his campaign image as a staunch nationalist opposed to foreign meddling – especially by Ethiopia and Kenya.

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