#Elections in DRC: Shadary and Kabila vote in Kinshasa


President Kabila has given up seeking a third term banned by the Constitution. His decision came late, as the elections have been postponed three times since the end of his second term two years ago in December 2016.

The out going president of the Democratic Republic of Cong, Joseph Kabila and his former interior minister-turned presidential candidate, Emmanuel Shadary have cast their vote in Kinshasa.

President Kabila and the candidate of the Common Front for Congo, the ruling coalition, Emmanuel Ramazani, were among the few voters present at the Athénée polling centre in Kinshasa’s Gombe district, where there was no large turnout in the 14 polling stations..

He will be followed by one of the two main opposition candidates, Martin Fayulu, who wanted to fulfill his electoral duties before going to Mass. The other big opposition candidate, Felix Tshisekedi, was to vote later in the day.

The 40 million registered voters can vote until 17:00 (15:00 GMT in the East and 16:00 GMT in Kinshasa). The provisional results will be announced on January 6, before inevitable litigation before the Constitutional Court.

Polls give the losing “dolphin” and predict Fayulu’s victory.

Legislative and provincial elections take place at the same time as the presidential elections.

For these elections, Kinshasa has refused any logistical assistance from the United Nations, present for 20 years in the Congo, as well as any Western observation mission.

As for the EU representative in the DRC , he flew to Brussels on Saturday night, after being ordered to leave the country Thursday by the authorities.

On the day of the vote, the government announced the closure of its land, lake and river borders with its nine neighbors, from Brazzaville to Angola via Rwanda.


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