#DRC: uncertainties over preparations for December 23 elections


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The election campaign has been launched for a week. Three polls are to be held on December 23: the presidential election, the legislative elections and the provincial elections.

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While the CENI is pleased to be doing everything in accordance with its timetable to meet deadlines, there are many uncertainties as to the ability of the Electoral Commission to be ready on time on 23 December.

” On December 10th, all the voting material will be available on the 239 training sites “, promises the president of the Ceni , Corneille Nangaa.

From there, it will have to be sent to 75,000 and some polling stations throughout the country. Again, Corneille Nangaa is not worried. ” All polling stations will open on December 23, ” he says.

Electoral experts are more cautious . And especially given the time it takes to transport these voting machines, ballot boxes, polling booths, etc., to polling stations. Fifteen days at least for the most remote offices, experts say.

With this two-week trip and the 24 hours needed to set up the equipment, ” some polling stations will not open on December 23, ” says a diplomatic source.

Training and accreditations

Another concern is the training of election officials. A crucial step in a country where the voting machine has never been used.

The Ceni promises to start these formations Monday. Will there be enough time to train these 500,000 and some agents?

Finally, there are the accreditations of the observers who are moving at a snail’s pace and those who are being retorted.

This is the case of European diplomats in Kinshasa. They will not be able to go to the polls to observe this triple poll. ” Diplomatic monitoring is not legal ” justifies the president of the Electoral Commission.

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