#Death toll rises to 50 in Christchurch in New Zealand


The death toll following the terrorist attack in Christchurch in New Zealand has risen to 50 dead.

Christchurch police chief Mike Bush said at a press conference held at 22 o’clock on Saturday night

The fiftieth death was found inside one of the mosques.

Some 30 people are left in hospital and a couple of them receive intensive care.

The police could also tell that two people arrested suspects for involvement in the crime have been released. They are now only suspected of a crime but not in connection with the attack on the two mosques.

The New Zealand police say they are increasingly convinced that this is a single offender.

The survey of the suspected offender is ongoing. Among other things, it has come to light that the manifesto he should have written was sent to, among other things, the Prime Minister’s office, less than ten minutes before the death.

The number of wounded also increased to 50, he said. Of those, 34 remain hospitalized in the Christchurch Hospital and 12 are in critical condition, Greg Robertson, the hospital’s chief of surgery, said.
He also noted that a 4-year-old girl who was transferred to the Starship Hospital in Auckland was still in critical condition.
Two days after the shootings, Brenton Harris Tarrant, 28, appears to be the only person in custody that has been linked to the attack.

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