#Congo: the party of President Sassou Nguesso winner of the elections


The Congolese Labor Party ( PCT ) of President Denis Sassou Nguesso largely won the legislative and local elections of 16 July by winning 70 of the 151 seats of the future national assembly; And nearly thirty of its candidates are in tie for the second round, according to official results released Friday night on public television.

The PCT won 70 seats at the end of the first round and 28 of its candidates are in ballotage (favorable or unfavorable) for the second round, set July 30 according to Raymond Zéphirin Mboulou, Minister of the Interior who published the results.

Far from the PCT , seven independents, who claim to be the Union of Democrats and Humanists ( UDH- Yuki) of the opposition Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas, who was second in the 2016 presidential election, were also elected. Four more are qualified for the second round.

Recognized as the first formation of the opposition, the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy ( UPADS ) obtained three elected representatives.

Overall, 93 seats were filled in 140 constituencies where the vote took place. It was postponed to Kellé (northwest) and Kingoué (south) because of the unrest, Mboulou said.

The elections could not be organized in nine constituencies of Pool (south), instead of eight as previously announced, due to the violence that shook this neighboring region of Brazzaville since the disputed presidential election of March 2016, won by President Denis Sassou Nguesso, 74 years old this year, who cumulates more than thirty years at the head of the Congo.

“Generally speaking, the voters have massively voted in the interior of the country. But participation was low in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire (the two main cities of the country, note), “said the Minister of the Interior without mentioning a participation rate.



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