#Congo-Brazzaville: five years in prison for General Dabira


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Accused of undermining the security of the state, including need of the attack the life of Congolese President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, General Norbert Dabira is sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

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The various parties to the trial do not have the same appreciation of the judgment rendered. The convicted person refused to appeal on points of law and paid a symbolic franc to the State as damages.

Five days. This is the time it took to try General Nobert Dabira, former inspector of the Congolese Armed Forces. Long close to President Denis Sassou Nguesso, he did not have the same luck as when he was tried and acquitted in 2005 in the case of “disappeared Beach”. Night had already fallen on Brazzaville when Charistian Oba, president of the criminal court, read the deliberation condemning General Norbert Dabira in these terms:

” The court and the juror answered yes (…) declare Norbert Dabira guilty of the facts put at his charge. In law enforcement, he is sentenced to five years’ imprisonment with the prohibition of civil and civil rights such as voting, election and eligibility. ”

He was convicted of interfering with the internal security of the state by the criminal court. This sentence had been requested by the public prosecutor.

The plaintiff said he was satisfied: ” Mr Dabira defended himself. We defended ourselves. The court ruled, so it’s a fair trial, “said a lawyer.

The defense did not like the verdict. She even refused to appeal in cassation. ” We are a little disappointed. We could have made an appeal in cassation, but our client tells us that there is no need to do so. We are satisfied with this decision of the court, “said Mr. Esseau.

General Dabira is the second officer sentenced in less than ten days, after the conviction of former Chief of Staff, Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko , on May 11, also for undermining the internal security of the State .

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