#Cameroon: two journalists arrested for covering the arrest of opponent Maurice Kamto


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The arrest of two reporters who were covering a meeting of members of Cameroon’s opposition at a home in Douala was followed by the detention of the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto and other opposition figures for their involvement in protests.

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In Cameroon, two journalists covering the arrest of opponent Maurice Kamto are behind bars, reports the Association of English-Speaking Journalists ( CAMASEJ ) calling for the “immediate and unconditional” release of Théodore Tchopa and David Eyengue .

The Douala section of the Association of English Speaking Journalists ( CAMSEJ ) angry with the Cameroonian government. In question, the arrest of Théodore Tchopa and David Eyengue two journalists working at Le Jour, a newspaper appearing in the economic capital of Cameroon.

In a statement issued Wednesday, CAMASEJ announces that these professionals were arrested during the arrest on January 28 of Maurice Kamto. “These journalists were arrested to cover the arrest of Professor Maurice Kamto, national president of the Cameroonian Renaissance Movement, the CRM political party , and some of his close associates,” reads the document signed by Charles Moki. Linongue, president of the CAMASEJ section of Douala.

Having arrived second in the presidential election last October with 14.23% of the vote in the presidential election last October won by Paul Biya (71.2% of the vote) in power since 1982, Maurice Kamto president of the Movement for the rebirth of Cameroon ( RCM ) had called two days ago for anti-government demonstrations to reject the results of this election.

Yaoundé, predator of freedom of the press?
This was not to the liking of the authorities who arrested 117 members of the MRC and wounded six people including Michele Ndoki, the famous lawyer whose relevance of pleadings during the electoral dispute in the Constitutional Court remained “remembered” of Cameroonians “.

For power, Kamto is an “outlaw” whose sole purpose would be to destabilize institutions. “At a time when Cameroon is moving resolutely towards its emergence, everything must be and will be done to preserve peace and stability,” warned René Emmanuel Sadi, Minister of Communication.

But Kamto may be an outlaw, what hurts CAMASEJ is the “arbitrary” arrest of the two journalists. “Considering Cameroon’s law on the freedom of the press in the country’s constitution and other international human rights laws , CAMASEJ Douala strongly condemns the arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention of Theodore Tchopa and David Eyengue. “Continues the document.

The NGO calls Yaoundé to their release. “We are therefore in solidarity with other professional associations in Cameroon and abroad to demand the immediate and unconditional release of these journalists,” the statement said.

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