#Birth of Siamese in Mauritius


The birth of Siamese babies is of great rarity. There is a Siamese baby in the world out of 190,000 births. The last birth of Siamese in Mauritius dates back to 1992, until the pair Butterfly gives birth to Siamese twins.

The Butterfly couple were waiting for twins at the beginning of this year, only Marie Hélène Papillon gave birth to a Siamese baby.

At 36, she is already the mother of three boys. She was allowed to leave the hospital four days after delivery by caesarean section.

“From the fourth month of pregnancy, the doctor saw that we will have two babies. We were very happy. Each time the doctor showed me two babies during ultrasound with two hearts, right and left, “she said. Except that at the birth, it is the big disappointment.
“I’m still in shock not knowing what happened. She confides.

The phenomenon of Siamese babies is the consequence of the incomplete separation of an egg normally giving two identical twins.

At birth, Siamese twins from the butterfly family weighed 4.1 kg. They are bound by the rib cage and abdomen with a merging of part of the heart.

“At the respiratory level, they posed some problems. The plan is that we can send them abroad to a specialized center.

It would be necessary to have a center that could separate and give each child his heart so that he could have an autonomous circulation. “Specifies the DR NASSEEMA AUMEER Pediatrician at the hospital Jawaharlal Nehru.

Although helpless, Mr Papillon does not admit defeat. “I am taking steps for the passport while waiting for the ministry to be ready to send them abroad,” he says. “The ministry will send the children, as well as the mother, abroad at their expense,” he says, looking calm.

Siamese sisters will remain under observation in the neonatal intensive care unit pending final separation


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