#Ali Bongo, the Gabonese president hospitalized in Riyadh (Saudi media)


Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba has been admitted to a hospital in Riyadh, the official Saudi news agency reported, but did not provide details on the length or causes of hospitalization .

Bongo, 59, was scheduled to attend a panel of the Future Investment Initiative ( FII ) Economic Forum in Riyadh on Wednesday , but was not seen during the discussion. The organizers gave no explanation for his absence.

On Wednesday night, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Bongo at King Faisal Hospital, the SPA news agency reported on Thursday .

The Gabonese presidency told AFP that it was “nothing serious” and that Mr. Bongo was simply tired.

Ali Bongo has been in power in Gabon, an oil-rich country in Equatorial Africa, since 2009, after succeeding his father, who had been running the country since 1967.

In 2016, he was reelected with only a few thousand more votes than his rival, in a controversial presidential election.



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