#2018, a dangerous year for journalists


Eighty journalists have been killed, 348 are currently in detention and 60 are being held hostage by Reporters Without Borders.

In this report published on Tuesday, RSF denounces an increase in the abuses committed against journalists in the world. In 2018, 80 journalists were killed in the exercise of their function against 65 in 2017.

After three years of decline, the number of professional journalists killed has increased by 15% RSF : 63 homicides against 55 last year .

The highly publicized killings of Saudi editorialist Jamal Khashoggi or the young Slovak data reporter Jan Kuciak.

“The violence against journalists reaches a new level this year; all the lights are red, says Christophe Deloire, secretary general of RSF .

Hatred against journalists, uttered or even claimed by unscrupulous political, religious or businessmen leaders has dramatic consequences on the ground and is reflected in a worrying increase in violations against journalists.

Demonstrated by social networks, which bear a heavy responsibility in this respect, these hateful sentiments legitimize this violence and weaken, a little more every day, journalism and, with it, democracy “.

Among the most dangerous countries for journalists, Afghanistan is at the top of the ranking followed by Syria and Mexico.

The United States is in the ranking after the shooting against the drafting of the Capitol Gazette.

The number of journalists detained in the world is also rising: 348 against 326 in 2017. Like last year, five countries alone hold more than half of imprisoned journalists: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iran Egypt, Turkey and China.



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