13 candidates running in the November presidential election


In Burkina Faso, the Constitutional Council on Thursday evening, October 22, published the final list of candidates for the November 22 presidential election. Thirteen freer runners, including one woman. Among them the current president Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, but also Zéphirin Diabré, the leader of the opposition or Yacouba Isaac Zida, former prime minister of the transition, in exile in Canada.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Among the presidential candidates are the heavyweights from the political scene in Burkinabè. Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, the current president, is a candidate for his own legacy. Zephirin Diabré came in second in 2015. Tahirou Barry and Ablassé Ouedraogo were also present in 2015. Eddie Komboïgo, President of the Congress for Democracy and Progress, the former ruling party and Gilbert Noel Ouédraogo from ADF / RDA are also in conflict. They had been expelled in 2015 for supporting the project to change the constitution that Blaise Compaoré wanted.

A female candidate

Kadré Desiré Ouedraogo, former President of the ECOWAS Commission and Yacouba Isaac Zida, former Prime Minister during the transition, in exile in Canada since 2016, will also be on the starting line.

Among the new ones: Master Farama Ambroise, Professor Abdoulaye Soma, Do Pascal Sessouma, trained journalist and the independent candidate Aimé Tassembedo. The only woman among the 13 candidates is named Yeli Kam Monique.

Harouna Kindo from the Intellectual Development Movement, who came on the provisional list, was rejected for non-payment of deposit of 25 million francs.


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