#The world’s first 5G smartphone launched by Samsung


The South Korean brand launched last Friday the world’s first smartphone operating with 5G technology that, according to experts, will revolutionize communications and telecommunications.

South Korea has just taken another giant step by launching the 5G (fifth generation of standards for mobile network, Ed ) on all its territory. As the icon of this launch, the Samsung brand.

The Asian country has made its launch against a background of competition with another giant in the field, the United States. The Koreans narrowly outperformed the Americans by two hours ahead of the launch of the 5G, styling at the Verizon post, the very serious competitor US Samsung took the opportunity to introduce the world to its very latest, the Galaxy smartphone S10 5G. Speeding up, Verizon made the same Friday launch of its 5G, only hours later on American soil, specifically in Chicago and Minneapolis.

We can enjoy it with a better resolution, an accelerated speed.

Three South Korean mobile operators, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus, have been selected to support this initiative. It is through events organized in the capital Seoul that the three operators marked the launch of the latest Galaxy, whose base price is set at 1090 euros.

For this launch, things were not done by half; there were demonstrations of virtual reality, and even the presence of robots to impress the many visitors. All this, in order to better understand the public technological advances made by 5G.

There was a lot of joy for visitors, marveling at the many benefits of the Galaxy S10 and 5G, including live viewing of sports videos, lectures and more.

Shim Ji-hye, a 38-year-old client: “I watch a lot of videos, movies, courses. I hope that speeding up will help me better manage my time . ” Another does not hide his eagerness to test the new contents of virtual reality of the South Korean giant, as well as its application of game and meetings “on line”.

Lee Sang-yoon is a researcher. According to him, 5G technology will allow its users to exploit virtual reality “in real time, without delay. We can enjoy it with a better resolution, an accelerated speed. ”

From its launch this Friday, the 5G could be made available to all South Koreans, preceded the previous Wednesday by a handful of privileged. Another serious competitor of Samsung will also release his smartphone in April, linked to 5G; it is LG, also South Korean, which will market the V50s ThinQ.

South Korea, a true example to follow
For its part, the US Verizon combines its 5G smartphone Moto Z3 Chinese giant Lenovo. Taking the lead, his rival AT & T, also American, put in place last December a system based on 5G in a dozen US cities. However, the AT & T system is limited in coverage, opening only to users in specific access points and not to those using a mobile phone.

South Korea is known to be one of the most connected (Internet) countries on the planet, if not the most connected of all. Among the reasons for this “hyperconnectivity” is a high number of Internet service providers.

The latter are engaged in a pitched battle in order to break the market share, which inevitably means lower prices and improved navigation. The goal is to win the favor of a public increasingly numerous and demanding.

In South Korea, a user pays on average 15 euros per month for a very high speed connection. In this country where technologies are part of everyday life, all you need is a phone call and an Internet service provider, and a technician arrives at your home for an hour.

Once arrived, the technician performs your installation, which will be immediately operational. You will therefore be able to start surfing the web in the seconds that follow. An example that could be sobering, especially in countries on the African continent where the Internet is unfortunately still a luxury, because it is too expensive, with a flow that leaves something to be desired.


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