Swedish Dads developed an app that will make children safer online


Two Swedish  Uppsala resident Gustav Alberius also together with Erik Lindblad from Knivsta developed an app that will make children safer online.With one hand He wants to give children the Internet fully control by themself. These are so amazing very good out there.

On the other hand you just want to put out the whole thing and pretend it’s the Stone Age because there is so much that is so bad that behind the internet, says Gustav Alberius.

He is the father of three children aged 10, 8 and 1 year, and he says that he wants to do whatever he can to help his children to find the net in a good way.

Working together with Erik Lindblad, they have therefore developed app “Trast which means that people who try to contact with our child online to identify themselves before chating with them.

The whole thing is based on the bank ID in which the parent account linked to children’s social media accounts.

as soon as  person try to add or chat with your child if the person is not connected it will notified to identify themself in order to continue writing.

We also get the opportunity to see conversations and analys the Situation and also we have the right to see what is going on right now, says Gustav Alberius.

Where is the line to monitor Our children?

– It’s really hard. If you look on the web today, there are a number of software that you can download. But there are few children who want to be monitored. The key to what we do is we do not want to monitor.

It does not matter if what you’re talking about is just to know who you are talking to or who is behind the the browser.

The app will be free and will be launched in early spring.

Note: the app can only be used country that use BankID system I have doubt that Africa country can use these.

Translated  by Ali Musa

Ali Musa
Axadle International Monitoring – Technology


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