Now only 10 minutes to charge an electric vehicle


A new battery should be able to charge an electric vehicle in 10 minutes against 75 in the past.

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An upcoming revolution in the automotive sector. Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University in the United States have just developed a lithium-ion battery or accumulator that can charge an electric car in ten minutes.

Today, it takes almost 75 minutes, or an hour and 15 minutes to charge an electric car like Tesla Model S from American manufacturer Tesla Motors.

But from now on, it will only take ten minutes to charge an electric vehicle. A precious time saving in a context where everyone swears by the precept according to which time is a factor of development.

The new find is also enough to pique the curiosity of motorists: autonomy is estimated at more than 480 kilometers against 350 before.

The icing on the cake: “In addition to the fast charging and battery life, this design allows us to limit the exposure time of the battery to a high charge temperature, thus generating a very long life,” says the mechanical engineer, Chao-Yang Wang, one of the authors of the work.

But the researchers at Pennsylvania State University do not intend to stop there. “We are working to charge an energy-dense electric vehicle battery in five minutes without damaging it,” Mr. Wang dreams.

This invention is clearly another argument to persuade those who often regret their time lost at charging stations.


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