#Commercial War: Facebook also cuts the bridges with Huawei


Facebook applications will no longer be pre-installed on new Huawei Chinese devices, targeted by US sanctions in the name of national security in the middle of the trade dispute between Beijing and Washington, said the US social network Friday.

However, current owners of Huawei smartphones with these applications (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger) will continue to use and update them, the group told AFP , confirming press information.

Facebook said it was “examining” the official texts of the US authorities and “take steps to comply,” said a spokeswoman.

For now, the group has suspended the provision of technologies allowing Huewei to pre-install these applications.

Like many popular applications, Facebook is pre-installed on smartphones which assumes that the social network is working technologically with the Chinese group to make this possible.

But the US administration has banned technology sharing between Chinese and US groups, resulting in cascading effects on the entire technology sector.

This is a new blow for the Chinese telecoms giant, became the bane of President Donald Trump: Google said in May that he had to cut the bridges with Huawei, effectively depriving him of the access to its Android mobile system and certain applications.

Other companies around the world have announced that they will stop working with Huawei.

While the United States and China are mired in a trade war with punitive tariffs, Huawei crystallizes much of the conflict, especially since the two powers are in front-line competition in the field of technology.

Washington has placed May 15 Huawei, currently number two smartphone and a world leader in equipment 5G, on a list of companies suspected of spying on behalf of Beijing. What the Chinese group firmly denies.

The United States shortly after gave Huawei three months, until mid-August, before imposing the sanctions, the time that the industrialists adapt.



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