Zéphirin Diabré offers explanation why he got here in

On the occasion of the greeting ceremony for the activists of his party, the President of the UPC confirms that the Union for Progress and Change will no longer be within the political opposition of Burkina Faso.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Pedestrian Boudani

Zéphirin Diabré believes that the Union for Progress and Change after a year of very bitter political struggle for the party and results below expectations had no choice but to respond positively to President Roch’s proposal. Marc Christian Kaboré for the delicate and inevitable mission to unite Burkinabè.

“The UPC has decided in a superb way to respond positively to President Kaboré’s request. The conditions for this appointment and the institutional anchoring that was decided clearly show that we are in the register of a specific mission to be carried out with the President of Faso. “

Moussa Zerbo, spokeswoman for the UPC, believes that the election of the party president remains very strategic given the scale of the project and the challenges to be met. “Inside the country, there have been clashes between the communities. And today, these communities look at each other as faience dogs. There have also been victims of blood crimes and economic crimes in this country. And these people have borne these stigmas and consequences for years. If nothing is done, it’s like we live together without really speaking the same language. “

Zéphirin Diabré specifies that the terms of this participation in government will be defined by all parties supporting the action of President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré.


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