Within the highlight: Touadéra declared winner

“Activists in the United Hearts Movement can celebrate their victory,” he said World Africa. In Bangui, the central African capital, ANE, the national electoral authority, last night announced the preliminary results of the presidential and legislative elections on December 27: their candidate, the outgoing president, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, wins in the first round by 53.92 % of votes at the end of an eventful election cycle. The final results must be published on 19 January after reviewing any complaints. But disputes are already raining. “

Actually traveling Afrik.com, arrived “in second place, confirms former Prime Minister Anicet Georges Dologuélé, 21.01% of the vote: ‘it’s a farce, there were many irregularities and fraud’.”

In addition, Afrik.com continues, “great concern since December 27, the turnout in this election is still 76.31% according to calculations from ANE. This figure may seem very surprising, ”exclaims the Pan-African website. “In fact, on the evening of 27 December, it became clear that many localities had not been able to take part in the election operations due to the presence of the armed rebel groups occupying two thirds of the Central African territory, who have promised openly to prevent the vote from taking place. Where did ANE get this participation rate? Asks Afrik.com. The question remains unresolved. ”

A broken country

In fact, the information page points out Oubangui Media, “The Central African Republic is reduced to Bangui, the capital. (…) From Garoua Boulay to Boali via Bouar, Berberati or even Mbaiki there is a total absence of the administration and the defense and security forces. (…) And Bangassou, Boda or Bossangoa are under the control of the Coalition of Central African Patriots, the CPC, which calls for a dialogue announced by Bangui’s power following the final proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Court before 19 January. “

Suspicion …

What does say to Ledjely in Guinea, Touadéra won “a victory with tasteless taste.” In fact, the Guinean website says, only half of the polls were considered. In other words, the victory that President Touadéra could claim concerns only 910,000 voters and not the 1.8 million registered Central Africans. In terms of legitimacy, it is not famous. However, Ledjely, there are also allegations of fraud, especially through a + massive + use of the vote by exemption, continue accusations that are not necessarily devoid of meaning. Certainly, in Africa, opponents are known to be notoriously bad faith. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that the volatile atmosphere prevailing in Bangui and the rest of the Central African Republic on 27 December last year is such that it justifies all suspicion.

Like Sisyphus …

In any case, “now, period Today in Burkina Faso, Touadéra will now have to work to restore peace throughout the Central African Republic, tossed around by repeated attacks by armed groups. For how could he unfold his social project in a country occupied by 14 warlords? The second challenge facing him is undoubtedly the case of François Bozizé, still traveling today, posing a permanent threat to the republic. The head of Kwa Na Kwa has just demonstrated that he has not lost any of his annoying capacity. And had it not been for the presence of foreign armed forces, especially the 13,000 men from MINUSCA, the Rwandan and Russian soldiers, whose actions made it possible to repel several breakthroughs, this election would have been a dead letter. “

So “now, Ouagalais believes daily, we must help Touadéra stop dangling with Sisyphus’ great stones by establishing the state everywhere in CAR, not just in Bangui; We must also rebuild a genuine army and organize a new inclusive national dialogue in the hope of preventing a further escalation of violence with armed groups and bringing the bandits back in line. ”


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