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In Senegal, a case has triggered national solidarity and within the diaspora. Sadio Ousmane Diedhiou, a medical student suffering from a rare disease, aplastic anemia, arrived in France on 26 January. His treatment at Bordeaux University Hospital will be covered thanks to a fundraising campaign launched by his relatives and the participation of the Senegalese state. According to his support committee, about 273 million CFA francs or about 415,000 euros were mobilized for his evacuation and hospitalization.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

It all started door to door. Pape Mor Lô, a childhood friend of Sadio Ousmane Diedhiou, aka “SOD”, did not expect such a movement of solidarity. “Personally, when I asked him ‘what is the amount treating you?’, I spent a night without sleeping, he recalls. We mobilized in our neighborhood, crossed the markets ”.

The “SOD” case has become a “matter of public interest”, according to its support committee, which accounted for a total of almost 273 million CFA francs, including 120 million from the state. Senegalese, but also from contributors from abroad, Spain, Canada and Japan. The amount was transferred to the student’s personal account, the collective emphasizes.

To be able to fit over time in Senegal

At a video conference from Bordeaux, Dr. Khadim Ngom, who welcomed the student on 26 January for a bone marrow transplant, on “this Hippocratic oath, which is so dear to us and which reminds us to take care of our colleagues”.

For the head of the fundraising committee, Dr. Makhan Danfakha, this mobilization should also make people think about on – the – spot management of certain diseases. “We have to review the health priorities. It is important that we can develop technical platforms that really allow us to treat ourselves here in our country, ”he says. After seven days of isolation, a measure associated with Covid-19, treatment of “SOD” may begin.

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