who are the attackers of Farabougou?

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While the attack and then the blockade of Farabougou have so far not been the subject of any claim, what exactly do we know about the armed men surrounding this village in central Mali?

The test continues for villagers in Farabougou, attacked and then surrounded by armed men who have been barred from entering for 16 days. The attackers accuse its residents of being involved in the deaths of members of the Fulani community and in particular a young shepherd who was murdered earlier this month. They present this siege as a retaliatory measure.

The inhabitants of Farabougou and many local sources speak unanimously of these attackers as “jihadists”. A term also used by members of the mediation team, in contact with these armed men via mediators, and which explains that the attackers assert themselves as such. Without, however, confirming their membership in a particular group.

Some brokers believes that according to their own “observations” it could be a fighter for Jnim, the support group for Islam and Muslims, led by Iyad Ag Ghaly and linked to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. They even think it would be more accurate the men inAmadou Kouffa, Malian preacher who founded the Macina Liberation Front, now called Katiba Macina.

Without being able to confirm it with certainty, several sources, military or security, share this analysis. One of them recalls that Farabougou is not far from the Ouagadou forest, which regularly serves as a refuge for these terrorist groups. Above all, many attacks previously carried out on nearby localities – in Nampala, Diabaly, Sokolo or even Niono – have been claimed by the support group for Islam and Muslims and for some by Katiba Macina precisely.


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