what we all know in regards to the assault at the village of Bounti

In Mali, the situation is still confused after the events that took place on Sunday in Bounti, the village of Malian Gourma. Is it linked to a French strike, to an operation by the Malian army, are the victims civilians? This Wednesday, Médecins Sans Frontières provided details on the care of the injured.

In its press release, Médecins Sans Frontières mentions the care of eight wounded in its health center in Douentza. To villagers who came on Monday to ask for help, the NGO borrowed two vehicles to bring the wounded back from the villages of Bounti and Kikara.

These men suffered gunshot wounds, but also injuries due to explosions, burns and metal shards. The hardest hit were then transferred to Sévaré. Testimony gathered by AFP evokes an attack carried out by a helicopter as residents gathered to celebrate a wedding.

Barkhane denies having used a helicopter

Tuesday, the forceBarkhane said he bombed only terrorist elements in the Bounti area around noon. 15 that Sunday. She again claims that night that she did not use helicopters. Contacted by the RFI, the FaMa spokesman confirms the French version and maintains that the account of a strike against civilians is “propaganda.” “There are neither women nor children among the wounded,” he said. The proof in his eyes that the dissertation of the wedding does not hold.

Barkhane, which recently had a forward-looking base in Hombori, has planned major operations in this region of Mali Gourma. After training together in December last year, French and Malian soldiers were tasked with fighting this area, where there are many fighters affiliated with al-Qaeda.


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