West African truck drivers happy with

Following a six-month embargo on Mali, the lifting of sanctions on West African countries means that trade with that country can be fully resumed. In particular for carriers serving Mali from the ports of Dakar or Abidjan.

as reported from Abidjan, Peter Pinto

The day after the closure of Mali’s borders, hundreds of trucks had been blocked. Many of them, those who had loaded before the sanctions were introduced, had finally been able to return to Mali thanks to the struggle of the Union of Truck Drivers in West Africa (Ucrao).

The latter is today happy with the lifting of the embargo and traffic resumed on Tuesday and continues on Wednesday. “Nearly 300 trucks crossed the border into Senegal and around 60 trucks at the Ivorian border,” said Bamba Daouda, Ucrao’s secretary general.

“Mali is an important country” “This already shows the increase in traffic since the embargo was lifted, which will increase and which will reach its normal rate in two weeks, because the trucks have to be loaded, you have to do customs documents. And it takes a few days,” he added. he.

So far, the traffic is smooth, he says. The lifting of the embargo is important for the union. “Mali is an important country and free movement was greatly hampered. Truck drivers were tired of these measures. These are thousands of suffering road drivers,” the secretary general said.

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