we must “stop scaring the Ivorians”, criticizes Alassane Ouattara

After visiting the Morounou region earlier this month, the Ivorian president spent four days in the Marahoué region. At the end of this new “state visit” in front of the remarkable and the inhabitants of Bouaflé, in the center of the country, Alassane Ouatarra spoke to his political opponents.

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“The law has been said and the democratic game is now open,” the Ivorian president assured Bouaflé.

Far from responding to the demands of the opposition, which in particular calls for the dissolution of the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) and the Constitutional Council, Alassane Ouattara lambed his opponents. He accuses them of instrumentalizing young people “instead of finding them jobs”. He condemns attempts to disrupt the electoral process. “We must stop intimidating Ivorians. I know that calls for civil disobedience do not go anywhere, ”commented the head of state, referring to the call for mobilization launched a week earlier by “United front” of the opposition.

The opposition looted

The presidential visit apparently had meetings when the prime minister rose to the podium. Hamed Bakayoko has long defended the record for the last ten years and eased opponents. “Unconscious,” “they incite violence, they incite rebellion,” he condemned. “If there is destruction of public or private property, we will be at your home in the evening to bring you the bill,” the prime minister warned.

In recent months, Alassane Ouattara has stepped up his visit to the regions, where he has chained road inaugurations or electrification of villages. In recent weeks, the opposition has accused the presidency of using state funds to fight for the presidential election.


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