warns opposition to “results marred by irregularities”

The Election Commission interrupts the publication of the provisional results that are common to the municipality, as it began to do since Monday at This decision was taken after a statement by the seven candidates who signed the opposition’s political agreement that had issued a statement warning Ceni. They also expressed “very strong reservations about the sincerity and credibility of these results” and condemned the “massive nature of the irregularities and shortcomings”.

With our special correspondent in Ouagadougou, Carine Frenk

Not happy that Ceni has started to announce results jointly by the municipality, the seven candidates who sign the opposition agreement launch a warning shot. In a statement read by Tahirou Barry, the opposition candidates’ conference condemned the “bankruptcy of Cenis” and the poor voting organization.

“It turned out that polling stations scheduled to remain open remained closed while other offices that should not be opened for reasons of uncertainty were opened at the last minute without prior consultation with political actors and without discharge from the Constitutional Council as it should. The opposition could therefore, of course, not participate in the monitoring of election activities in these polling stations, Tahirou Barry told the press.

In their statement, the seven opposition candidates regret that the voters could not speak, the absence and delay of the delivery of ballot papers or the unsafe transport of ballot boxes on motorcycles. source of fraud according to them.

The massive nature of these irregularities and shortcomings affects all actors who are accustomed to a more detailed electoral process. In any case, the signatories of the opposition’s political agreement will not accept results that are distorted by irregularities, “they warn.

“At the moment, we do not reject the results, rely on a candidate leaving the room, as the process is ongoing” When Ceni will announce the preliminary overall results, the opposition will then make a new statement.


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