until the ECOWAS sanctions are lifted

After several days of negotiations, the new prime minister of the transition was appointed this Sunday. The choice fell on a civilian, the diplomat and the former foreign minister, Moctar Ouane. Following the inauguration of the President and Vice-President, the interim executive is therefore closed, but the economic community of the West African states has still not lifted its sanctions.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

Theoretically, the sanctions should already be lifted. But soon 24 hours following the appointment of the Prime Minister, this is still not the case. There are probably last minute adjustments.

During his last stay in Bamako, ECOWAS mediator, Goodluck Jonathan confirmed that “the subregional institution had still not received the final version of the transitional charter”, that is to say the document. which validates the 18-month transition.

Clarifications awaited

Then ECOWAS wanted clarifications in this charter. Currently, in a version of the Charter that is circulating, the Vice President, the leader of the Putschists on August 18, can replace in case of obstruction the interim president. For ECOWAS, this is excluded. We need to remove this provision and therefore review the copy.

Another expectation from Malians is the transitional government. Its composition should decrease overnight. M5, this famous movement from June 5, which claims to have contributed especially to the fall of IBK, is negotiating positions.

What about the M5?

Nevertheless, the M5 is currently the big loser since the putsch. He was not involved in the appointment of either the President or Vice President of Transition. And for the post of prime minister, this motley movement presented 14 files. Fourteen candidates for the Prime Minister’s office, all of whom have been limited to the post of Moctar Ouane.


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