two campaigns, two styles for favorites

As Guinea’s presidential election on October 18 approaches, the twelve candidates continue, as do the two favorites, outgoing President Alpha Condé and his main opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo.

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Twelve candidates and each has his method. Example in Upper Guinea, stronghold of outgoing President Alpha Condé. There, its activists have mainly carried out outreach campaigns.

Alpha Cabinet Camara enters each concession in the Dalako district, reports our special correspondent in Kankan, Bineta Diagne. This activist from the Rally of the People of Guinea (RPG) will first know if the residents have withdrawn their voting cards.

Then Alpha Camara unfolds a model poll and indicates how he chooses his candidate. Not a word about the party’s program. The exchanges are quite short. “We advise them to go and vote and vote in a useful way to try to avoid the invalid vote and not tear up. We want everyone to vote normally, ”he explains.

A stone’s throw away, Doumboya Nasso Condé prepares bags of bouye juice, which she sells as best she can on the market: without electricity, she loses many products. Despite this, this mother remains a fan of the ruling party. “The problem with the current one, Alpha Condé has promised Guinea and Kankan to solve it. But when you are president, you can not achieve everything, she admits. So we’re still behind him. ”

The RPG Campaign Directorate claims to have deployed nearly 500 touts in the Kankan region. According to his estimates, a large majority of voters’ cards have already been withdrawn a few days before the vote.

Green and white wave in Conakry

Activists as far as the eye can see. In Conakry, Cellou Dalein Diallo activists took to the streets on Thursday three days before Sunday’s vote. The main opponent returned to the capital at the end of his trip in the interior of the country. To mark the event, he decided to cross the capital and attract an impressive crowd.

From the Sangoyah junction in the upper suburbs to Conakry, the amount of green and white, the colors of the Union of Democratic Forces in Guinea (UFDG), are also very young, with one expectation in particular: employment underlines our correspondent in Conakry. “It will create youth employment and solve many problems. He wants to book Guinea! ”Excites Mamadou Saliou Barry, UFDG activist.

“He has to do a lot of things for young people against migration, he has to set up a lot of companies for Guinea to work,” expects Kadiatou Diallo, UFDG activist. From the sunroof of his vehicle, the president of the UFDG points to the clock on his wrist: “It’s time,” that’s his slogan.

Its activists condemn the record for the current president, candidate for a third term. “The people are divided. There is the deterioration of nature, the roads have deteriorated, the country is dirty, the capital is dirty “, an activist apologizes. “He’s the man for the job, he has to make it,” an activist said.

Cellou Dalein Diallo does not arrive home until late in the evening without giving a speech. A meeting with RPG, the ruling party, is scheduled for Friday in Conakry.