two billion FCFA fines for operator Togo

The Electronic Communications and Substances Regulatory Authority fined Togo Cellulaire more than CFA 2 billion for serious breach of its obligation. Togo Cellulaire, which is owned by the Agou holding company (the Axian group in Togo), will have to pay the equivalent of 2% of its turnover for the financial year 2021.

as reported from Lomé,Peter Sassou Dogbe

It was at the end of a procedure initiated 18 months ago, followed by a conflicting public hearing, that the sanction fell. In November 2020, Togo Cellulaire, one of the country’s telephone operators, received a formal call to do everything possible to guarantee the quality and availability of services in accordance with its specifications.

But the situation has deteriorated sharply, the regulator states in its press release, despite “reminders and warnings”. In addition to the low investment in infrastructure, Arcep criticizes Togo Cellulaire for voluntarily and daily interrupting its services in many remote locations in the country during specific time slots, with the sole purpose of reducing its operating costs. days of unavailability in one month.

Togo Cellulaire will therefore have to pay heavy fines of more than 2.3 billion CFA francs and will have to put an end to these infringements within six months, following new sanctions. The operator has not yet officially responded to these sanctions.

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