towards a new organization of the defense and security forces

Burkinabe’s defense and security forces are reorganizing to better deal with attacks by armed groups. A new national security strategy will soon be implemented, according to Brigadier General Aimé Barthelemy Simporé, Minister of Defense.

as reported from Ouagadougou,Yaya Boudani

Reorganization of ground forces, territorial redistribution and occupation of threatened areas, the new authorities responsible for defense and security want to support and stop jihadist attacks in Burkina Faso.

Despite the enormous civilian and military losses in recent weeks, General Aimé Barthelemy Simporé greets his men’s work on the ground. He announces a major project in terms of safety for more efficiency on the ground.

We were in peacetime for a long time, with an articulation that only gave military regions as forces. And soon we will start a new reorganization to be as close as possible to our operational mission. We will therefore build a training system that is as complete as possible. We will train much more here, to get a complete system.

The security network will also include the construction of gendarmerie brigades and police stations, especially in regions not yet attacked by armed groups, but where the threat is present, according to Maxime Koné, the security minister.

The western part of our country, including Cascades, Hauts Bassins, South-West, is now sending signals that are worrying. And so it becomes for us to make expectations in these spaces, to position ourselves before they tip. This new national security strategy will take into account the diplomatic component, so that the actions between Burkina Faso and its partners are better coordinated, according to the Minister of Security


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