Tillabéri deputies challenge the authorities

Deputies from the Tillabéri region of Niger – 18 signatories out of a total of 26 – are challenging the country’s authorities in a statement on the security situation in this part of the country.

In the course of a month, 98 civilians and 19 gendarmes were killed in three of the six departments in the region, elected officials said in a statement released on Friday, August 20. The last event is from August 16 in the village Darey-Day where 37 civilians were killed while working in the fields.

Together with RFI, Abdou Aboubacar, deputy for the prefecture of Filingue and the signatory of this declaration, warned of the situation: ‘urge the government to be able to remedy it,’ he said. People are traumatized! They no longer go to the fields because as soon as you leave your village you go through the fields and you might think you are encountering terrorists! We asked the government to really take all measures to strengthen the presence of the SDF, the defense and security forces, to further protect this population and their property. In addition, we asked – we do not want it but in the event of an attack – that there is rapid intervention from the defense and security forces and especially the air intervention. We really ask the state to have a blanket – you can not put every military person on a field, no – that they try to gain control of the space in which these terrorists operate. “

Another request from deputies in the region: to review the measures in the state of emergency that bans the use of motorcycles, a measure that economically impairs communities and makes it difficult to access special health centers.

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