three dead in Farabougou, still under pressure from jihadists


In Mali, three people were killed on November 19 in Farabougou, a village that has been besieged by jihadist fighters since early October. Despite the presence of the Malian army, which arrived in the village almost a month ago, and despite the commitments made almost two weeks ago during the Niono Forum for Social Reconciliation in the Circle, the inhabitants have still not regained their freedom of movement.

In Mali, three inhabitants of Farabougoukilled on their way to their fields. “It was my cousin’s son,” says a villager in a low voice. He reports that two villagers were killed immediately, one was injured and another was missing. Cebilana was confirmed on the morning of November 20 by a spokesman for the Malian army. The man who disappeared has since been found murdered.

The villagers had gone to the fields at the end of the morning when they were exposed to jihadist fire. The Malian soldiers intervened but too late. They then began research with their vehicles, according to a resident, but to no avail. No information was provided by the army about these operations.

Two weeks ago, however, a government forum was held in Niono. An agreement to end the hostilities had even been reached between Dozo hunters and the Fulani community, which raised many hopes, but since then the situation has continued to deteriorate. The peanut and bean fields, very close to Farabougou, which were available again, have not been available since yesterday. The inhabitants of Farabougou have not been able to work in the more remote rice fields for a month and a half. Those who tried to do so came under fire. Ten days ago, two rockets landed in the village. The bridge connecting Farabougou with neighboring cities has not been rebuilt.

Fulani has also been murdered and kidnapped in the last two weeks in the Niono circle. Many local sources, including the mayor, confirm this and accuse dozo hunters, but it is impossible to cross-reference a reliable figure. Mediation initiated by local annuities more than a month ago is canceled today. A member of this mediation explains that the jihadists demanded the return of the traditional dozo hunters’ rifles and the application of the strictest sharia: covered women, tax on zakat, ban on balani, children’s parties organized on the street. What was considered unacceptable by the area’s remarkable.

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