there are “economic challenges”

The Chadian contingent deployed in the three border zones (Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso) by 1,200 men has halved. The reason given by the Chadian authorities is a strategic reassignment to make the G5 Sahel force more operational in the theater for operations against terrorism.

Does this withdrawal leave a void on the ground? Not necessarily, says Abdoulaye Barry, a researcher, specialist in the Sahel, together with Kpénahi Traoré: “The Chadian battalion came with very heavy military means, especially caterpillar tanks that can not easily move in the Sahel in front of terrorists. Who use motorcycles. there is also the economic dimension, it is very difficult to maintain because the G5 is facing economic challenges. “

“Better suited to the challenge” “So today,” continues Abdoulaye Barry, “we are changing the power to make it better suited to the challenge, with light resources and the same type as those used by terrorists in the field. Today, in fact, the only problem that arises is that we are in the rainy season, so the country is really unaffordable in that area. You saw today, the attacks have multiplied, last year we really had a break because the two Islamist groups, GSIM and the Islamic State fought against each other, but this year the fighting has decreased in intensity on the ground and therefore the terrorists have time to attack. “

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