The World Bank points to the weakness of agriculture

While food risks are a top priority in sub-Saharan Africa and the G7 has just invited the major emerging markets facing these risks, the World Bank, in a report devoted to the Togolese economy, underlines the weaknesses in Togo’s agriculture. Agriculture in Togo is much less productive than in neighboring countries and maintains its production only thanks to deforestation.

The farmers represent 39% of the Togolese population, the rural population grows by 2% every year. But with an increase in production per hectare of almost zero in thirty years, agriculture in Togo is one of the least productive in the West African region. Low use of inputs, neglect of agricultural research and education. If production has been maintained, whatever happens, it will be at the expense of Togolese forests.

This is no longer sustainable, says the World Bank, especially as the costs of restoring agricultural productivity increase from year to year.

The International Financial Organization recommends investing more and better in Togo agriculture, revitalizing the Togolese Agricultural Research Institute, promoting agroforestry and Community agriculture, while focusing on fresh fruit and vegetables and processing for large-scale export and processing of food products for the regional market. with Ghana and Nigeria offering promising outlets.

World Bank changes face in Bangui

After three years in place, the representative of the World Bank in the Central African Republic, the Belgian Han Fraeters, will officially give way this Friday, June 30, to the Rwandan Guido Rurangwa. The opportunity in his speech to take stock of the institution’s actions in the country, where it has committed to the amount of 860 million dollars, or more than 537 billion FCFA, but also to draw the head of state’s attention to the growing isolation of the Central African Republic. “We can not deny that, due to the current context, it has become more difficult to defend development projects for the Central African Republic.” To achieve the country’s “start” we need a “peaceful climate”, said Han Fraeters, and if “the roofs before my departure I have only one wish, it is this: let’s do everything to avoid this new crisis staring us in the eye In early May, the World Bank suspended direct budget support due to a lack of transparency in public spending, particularly in the security sector, which did not prevent the institution from giving the green light to the financing of four new projects in the last two months, in the field of electrification and health care. .

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