the waiting time is extended, the results are expected this Thursday morning

While we await the publication of the preliminary results of Sunday’s presidential election in Burkina Faso, the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) has just announced that the announcement will take place on Thursday at 10 am (UT).

From our special envoys to Ouagadougou,

“We lacked almost nothing,” a source told the Election Commission at the end of the evening on Wednesday, November 25. The latest results from municipalities in the red zone have just reached us. At 10 o’clock we are ready, guarantees this source.

What has delayed the publishing process is the controversy surrounding manual compilations. On Monday, five out of fifteen Céniont commissioners suspended their participation in the department’s work in part because the results began to be published while this manual compilation work had not been done. of all municipal centers. The announced results were therefore based solely on the electronic compilation. What the opposition candidates strongly oppose.

Good office assignments

In an attempt to calm the situation, ECOWAS, the African Union, the UN and the OIF have implemented an assignment of good office. The goal is to regain the political consensus that has prevailed in recent months. On Wednesday, the situation had obviously developed in the right direction as the five opposition commissioners were back in the election commission. In addition, the opposition suspended the demonstration it had planned to hold in front of the Ceni headquarters without saying more about the purpose of this demonstration or the reasons for its cancellation.

But according to one of the opposition candidates, if the commissioners came back, it is only to verify that the results from the municipalities that Céni does are really based on these manual compilations. “But that is not the case,” the candidate lamented. “False”, answers a source from CENI, “at the same time as the municipal center sends us their electronic compilation, they scan their manual compilation for us”, she assures us.


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