the villagers of Farabougou tried under the yoke of the jihadists

For almost a week, the people of the village of Farabougou, in central Mali, have been living through a blockade imposed by the jihadists. No one enters or leaves the village. This blockade is combined with a jihadist attack that left at least six dead and 22 wounded, while nine other people are still in the hands of the same jihadists, according to residents.

as reported from Bamako,

It all started last week with the kidnapping attributed to the jihadists from about twenty civilians from the Malian locality Farabougou. Some are released, but nine people are detained. Three days later, residents of the same village go a few kilometers in search of the kidnapped villagers. In a village they are met with shots. A witness who was contacted by telephone explained: “We went to see what was on the road. The jihadists fired shots that left 22 wounded and six dead on the spot “.

Since then, the jihadists, residents say, have issued an embargo against their village. Nothing comes out, nothing comes in. The food is missing now. “Now there is nothing left to eat with us. Three children are said to have died of starvation, “the villager continues. Another resident of Farabougou is appealing to the Malian authorities.