The US ambassador to Guinea is demanding a transfer

The United States is raising its voice on the transition to Guinea. A few days before the ECOWAS summit in Accra, which was to decide on possible sanctions against Guinea, the US ambassador to the country, Troy Fitrell, issued a warning to the transitional authorities.

Troy Fitrell warned of the risks of long-term instability, while Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, author of the thief against Alpha Condé, predicts a 39-month delay before any elections are organized: “Guineans are hungry for greater political delivery, more efficient service delivery, more security, more opportunities and a more open and transparent political system. In short, Guineans want more democracy, not less. We continue to call on the government to make a rapid transition to constitutional democracy. The longer it lasts, the more the government risks instability and population frustration. . ”

Request for “transparent transition timetable” According to the US Ambassador to Guinea, this is due toa dialogue with civil society and the oppositionthat the transition can be successful: “Civil society, the opposition, must be allowed to participate openly in the transition, without harassment or threats. We have been clear. Such a political dialogue can only succeed if all parties have confidence in the possibility of a positive outcome. We call on the government to commit to a transparent transition plan. So that the international community and Guineans can hold the government accountable for its promises of a speedy return to civilian rule and constitutional order. “

Finally, he recalls that tensions increased in the country from the moment a third term was mentioned by Alpha Condé: “Former President Alpha Condé’s efforts to get a third term were neither advisory nor transparent. And that led to a political crisis. In order to avoid a similar fate and ease tensions, all parties must work together for the benefit of the Guineans. “

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